numbro is a Javascript library for converting, formatting, and manipulating all your numbers, in more than 30 languages.

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Any number, in any language.

numbro is designed to help every developer to display any numerical value, for any language, the simplest way possible.


numbro provides a simple way to format any number to produce the expected output. Shipped with numerous predefined formats, numbro supports extensions to let you defined your own.


Shipped with more than 30 languages supported, numbro can easily format your numbers the way the expect it to be. Whether you need ordinals or unit prefixes, it will be output according to the language specifications.


numbro supports multiple ways of formatting currencies based on the current language. Postfix, prefix and infix currencies are supported to ensure a better output.

Free as in free beer, but also free as in freedom.

numbro is an open-source software distributed under the MIT license, and driven by its community. All the code for numbro can be found on GitHub.